In the picky picky dept., more grammar, and another comma

1.  (dis)agreement

From an article in the NYT:

“About one in 10 doctors trained in India have left that country”

“have” left?  “has” left?  “One in ten” might mean one, or it might mean thousands, so which is right?

2.  consider the comma

From John Freeman’s forthcoming book (How to Read a Novelist):

“As with so much else Matar says, the memory materializes from the past, gauzily lit and more than a little poignant.”

Consider the (2nd) comma, which places the emphasis on the fact of the memory materializing from the past (to which we say:  well, duh), rather than *how* the memory materializes (all gauzy) (which is, let’s guess, the point).

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