roots: bher- (to carry)

One leads, but both carry . . .

The Indo-European root of “opprobrium” (from Latin opprobrium (reproach), from ob- (against) + probrum (infamy, reproach)) bher– (to carry) is also the root of bear, birth, barrow, burden, fertile, transfer, offer, suffer, euphoria, and metaphor. That’s etymological heavy lifting.

Then we have the Indo-European root of “comportment” (from French comportement (behavior), from comporter (to bear), from Latin comportare (to transport), from com- (with) + portare (also to carry)–which finally brings us to the root per- (to lead, pass over), which also gives us support, petroleum, sport, passport, colporteur, rapporteur, deportment, Swedish fartlek, Norwegian fjord, and Sanskrit parvat (mountain).

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