ending with prepositions

Remember Churchill’s famous self-amendment when challenged about ending a sentence with a presposition?  “Up with which we will not put?”  Sounds silly?  It is.  English is not a dead language.  Render thoughts in workable English, saving the contorted constructions promoted by grammar Nazis for appropriate occasions, like broadsides for Mensa meetings.  What prompted this?  A subtitle in TheWeek.com: The liberal industry is pumping religion on a scale of which televangelists could only dream.  Silly, right?  Why not:  “on a scale that televangelists could only dream of?”  Because some idiot teacher beholden to Strunk & White, who codified their own rules, hovers in memory.  Be free!  Those rules you absorbed in grammar school are neither fixed nor right.  English should sound speakable.  It should be alive.

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