Jane Smiley’s The Hundred Year Trilogy, concluded

Smiley, Golden AgeGolden Age completes Jane Smiley’s Last Hundred Years trilogy (though it won’t really be the last 100 years until 2020, when things promise to be pretty bleak). I reviewed this last volume for the Minneapolis Star Tribune–as I did the 1st 2 volumes : (Some Luck & Early Warning. I don’t know if Balzac or Trollope would be a good comparison, but it’s a big, fat, all-American epic with all the minutiae & monumentalism that marked the nation’s 20th century. Someday, perhaps, when the world looks like the Wasteland and a different sort of human is scuttling toward a new civilization, someone will stumble upon these volumes and say, “So that was what was happening in what was once called the American Century.”Smiley, Some LuckSmiley, Early Warning

There’s a nice interview with Smiley in the Paris Review.

Step inside Smiley’s writing room here.

Or, also by way of the NYT, “Jane Smiley’s Horse Country.” http://tinyurl.com/n9hfsr2

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